Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun with Ryan & Piper

This weekend Kyle and I were fortunate enough to have Ryan & Piper visit. Although it was only for 2 days we had a blast hanging out with them. On Saturday I got to go into the city with them...I feel like we went everywhere! Both have been to the city before so they pretty much showed me around which was great for me! Than on Sunday we got the chance to attend our first Yankees Stadium game. It was really cool but the weather was not! 96 degrees with humidity is not a good mixture. Nothing like Chase Field AC thats for sure but was still fun to do because this is the last season the Yankees will be using the stadium. :(

Washington Square
Ground Zero
Dylan's Candy Store, behind us Project Runway dressesDress designed by Christian Serrano, Project Runway winner to Pipers right Anyways...thanks for the fun weekend Ryan & Piper, see you in Dec!